Ready, Set, Gold! is thrilled to partner with the 100 Mile Club.  Leading up to the 2021 Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo, Japan, Club262 members can celebrate their miles earned while being encouraged by RSG! Olympic and Paralympic athletes.   RSG! Olympic and Paralympic mentors are excited to share the workout routines that were a part of their Olympic and Paralympic journeys. As you run your 26.2 miles we encourage you to incorporate the following activities along the way! 

Activity One

Paralympian, Rudy Garcia-Tolson

Rudy is a 5x Paralympic Medalist in swimming but his first love was running!  This week Rudy challenges YOU to mix up your running routine and complete this STRENGTH workout that he uses to prepare for the Paralympic games.

Activity Two

Olympic Water Polo Player, Kami Craig

Kami is a 3x Olympic Medalist in Water Polo.  Her training not only includes workouts in the water but also on land.  Working on muscle mobility is high on that list and she does one focused mobility exercise weekly.  She challenges you to join her this week and work on your flexibility! 

Activity Three

Olympic Hockey Player, Molly Schaus

Molly is a 2x Olympic Medalist in the sport of Ice Hockey.  Outstanding endurance is a characteristic required of any hockey player.  She has to push her self and she prepares for that by interval training.  Molly can't wait to workout with you and share some advice to her success.

Activity Four

Paralympian Javelin Thrower, Cody Jones

Balance doesn’t come easily to Paralympian, Cody Jones.  He was born with cerebral palsy on one side of his body which is why he values the ability to balance.  Balance will help your running form as you are light on your feet and engage your core! 

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