Olympians are ordinary people who never gave up, they found a way to achieve extraordinary results in the area of life that mattered most to them. The lessons they learned along the way: goal setting, hard work, teamwork and visualization, will help anyone succeed in life.

These world-elite are committed to helping the youth in our community.  Their mission is to enrich, inspire, motivate and educate students about health and fitness as long-term goals. 

Tai Babilonia

Figure Skating 1976, 1980

"Everything & anything is possible.  Surround yourself with friends who inspire."

Roberta Belle

Track & Field 1980, 1984

"Don't settle for less than what your heart deserves."

Nicole Branagh

Beach Volleyball 2008

"Don't ever give up! Don't be afraid to walk through the open doors when they come.  There is so much to learn and it isn't always easy, but it will be worth it."

David Brinton

Cycling 1988

Never create limitations for yourself, always do your best, believe in yourself, learn from your failures, & acknowledge your successes... you are a winner! 

Reynaldo Brown

Track & Field 1968

Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.

Rosalyn CLark

Track & Field 1976

"Give in, give out, but never give up."

mark Crear

Track & Field 1996, 2000

"The race is not given to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but to those who endure to the end."

Linyao Guo

Gymnastics 1992

"You will never become great, if you don't start.  Start, then you can become great! 

JOhn MOffet

Swimming 1980, 1984

"It wasn't going to the Olympics that transformed my life, it was years of hard work that it took to get there."

JOhn Naber

Swimming 1976

"You should do what you have to do before you can do what you want to do."

Shevon Nieto

Track & Field 2004, 2008

"There are no shortcuts to hard work." 

Ron Skarin

Cycling 1972, 1976

"The athlete who enters a competition & finishes last is victorious over all the others who didn't have the guts to show up.  What that attitude you'll always be a winner."

Chris Duplanty

Water Polo 1988, 1992, 1996

Allen James

Track & Field 1992, 1996

"We are all blessed with a number of gifts, While you're in school, this is your opportunity to explore these gifts."

Merrill Moses

Water Polo 2008, 2012, 2016

"I love working with the Ready, Set, Gold! program to help inspire young students & help them realize that hard work & anything is possible."

Giddeon Massie

Cycling 2004, 2008

"Motivations, like feelings, come and go and are influenced by outward events; determination is an inward decision that remains resolute in spike of any challenge or circumstance that you may face."

RAda Owen

Swimming 2000

jamie Subandhi

Badminton 2016 

"Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."

Joanne Fa'avesi

Rugby 2016

“You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit.”

Kristy Kowal

Swimming 2000

"You are never too young to have huge, massive dreams.  Dream as big as you want, and never let anyone discourage you from working toward your dreams."

Prince Mumba

Track & Field 2004, 2012

"Helping the schools maintain a positive image and guide students to do the same.  I want to help students live positive lives and believe in themselves."

Myra Mayberry

Track & Field 1992, 1996

"Have fun! Be the reason that someone smiles today."

Alex Roelse

Water Polo 2016

“To achieve success you need to understand failure."

Jordan Wilimovsky

Swimming 2016, 2020

"Stick with it.  Don't notice huge gains day by day, but keep working and you'll see them over time .  Have fun & just try to get better every day"