Alex Roelse Teaches Students How to Raise the Bar

Alex Roelse competed in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  He graduated from UCLA and helped his collegiate water polo team to many victories during the course of his college career. 

Alex understands what it is like to be young and competitive and how having just one mentor can make all the difference. 

This was Alex's second time meeting with the students of View Park.  During this visit he heard a lot of students saying things like - “ I can only do two pushups.  How could I possibly get to 15 by the next time I see you?”

Alex was able to open their eyes to the importance of goal setting and that anything is possible as long as you start somewhere and set a goal.

“Everyone has the opportunity to practice at home and practice right now so that when your FitnessGram test comes out in a few months you are ready" Alex told the students.

"Pushups are all about being repetitive and trying everyday and the same thing applies to all of your dreams," Alex said.

Alex told the students that he came to understand how to step above what is typical by raising my bar and reducing distractions. 

Student Testimonial

"Coach Roelse helps me believe in myself by turning negative thoughts into positive ones while strengthening my mental ability to focus on goals like the FitnessGram test and in my life.”

-Student at ICEF View Park