Breanna Clark is Building a Legacy

Two-time Paralympic medalist Breanna Clark is trailblazing the track and setting world records. We had the opportunity to speak to Clark about her experience on the track and her continued legacy.

What was your first thought when you found out you became the world record holder for the Paralympic 400mm?

I was very surprised when I saw that I had broken my world record.

What was your goal coming into the Paralympics?

My goal coming into the Paralympics was to win the gold medal and I really wanted to break my world record.

How did the Paralympic games differ from the last one? Was there anything that surprised you?

I had been watching the regular Olympic Games so I sorta knew to expect, but the main thing was keeping my focus through all of the pandemic protocols that we had to endure daily. I totally missed the fans in the stands, but I pretended that they were there, anyway.

What are your topic three tactics when aiming to overcome obstacles?

My 1st tactic in overcoming obstacles is something that I always tell others and it’s always in the back of my mind. Keep The Faith.

2nd one is: Believe in Yourself

3rd one is: Work hard and shut out the negative noise that you hear from the outside.

Shortly before the Paralympics, you were able to visit students with RSG!. Now, you’ll be returning as a teacher for the ‘21-’22 school season. How do you feel about being back in the classroom? Is there anything you’re looking forward to?

I am going to be so happy and excited to go back to RSG with the students. I really miss mentoring them.

It’s no question you’re building a legacy for yourself. When looking at your life, what is one message you’d like people to walk away with?

I want people to know that I pushed and pressed forward to be the best autistic woman that I could be and I also wanted those other special needs individuals to know that they should never give up on themselves.

Thank you Clark for your wise words and for being an inspirational example for autistic women around the globe. One thing is certain, keep an eye out for Clark because she is breaking records that you don’t want to miss!

Watch Clark's 2020 Paralympic win below!