David Brinton Visits Calabash Elementary

David Brinton at Calabash Elementary

On September 17, David Brinton, who competed in cycling the 1988 Olympics, visited Calabash Elementary and spoke with 4th and 5th graders about his path to the Olympics. For Brinton, his journey started when he was 9 years old, sitting at home watching the 1976 Olympic Games.

Along the way to becoming a world-class athlete, Brinton learned quite a few lessons. He was committed to this dream of competing in the Olympics and had to overcome pressure, mind games from other competitors, and had to learn to stay committed during tough times.  

Brinton talked to the students about the importance of being a positive friend, teammate or stranger, and said that it’s only when we acknowledge the greatness within others, that we can become truly great. He learned to surround himself with positive people who enriched his life and stay away from the negativity that could bring him down. He asked students to find something that they can focus their energy on.

The assembly ended with a thought for the students to think about until the next Ready, Set, Gold! visit, “Never create limitations for yourself, anything is possible.”