Donna Mayhew at Ranchito Elementary

Donna Mayhew's first Ready, Set, Gold! visit of the 2019-2020 school year was with the 4th and 5th grade students at Ranchito Elementary.

Mayhew speaks to Ranchito Elementary students

Mayhew, who competed in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics as a javelin thrower, spoke with around 100 students at a school assembly about her Olympic experience and the importance of sport in her life.

"Sport was something that was so valuable to me," Mayhew said.

Mayhew's athletic experience helped her earn a college scholarship which was important for her family. She spoke about how obtaining the scholarship was hard work but that she had to work even harder to keep her scholarship by earning good grades. At times the pressure took its toll and it wasn't easy for her to perform in the classroom and in the highest-level of her sport. But Mayhew didn't let that stop her. She trusted the process and never gave up on herself which is the same message she encouraged the students to remember - "Never give up on yourself."

In college, Mayhew also learned about the importance of nutrition. She made many little switches that created huge improvements in all aspects of her life. From drinking water instead of soda, to snacking on veggies instead of chips, she learned the importance of fueling her body with the right nutrients and that "health is wealth."

Mayhew stressed the importance that it takes hard work to meet your goals and learn new skills.

"You don’t wake up with a new skill," Mayhew said. "Any skill that you want to master it will take months and sometimes even years!"  

She also encouraged students to focus on the small steps and the now versus looking too far ahead. She told them that when they do this, they will learn to move forward effortlessly.