Overcoming Setbacks

Jordan Wilimovsky, who grew up in Southern California, got into swimming when he was nine years old.

“I failed the lifeguard test," he told the students during his first Ready, Set, Gold! visit. "I think that experience was when I started to view setbacks and problems as challenges that can be overcome."

Jordan is working with ICEF Innovation this school year and told 5th-7th grade students about how he turned his initial failure in swimming into Olympic success.

Jordan competed in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in swimming. He competed in both open water and pool competition, becoming the first American to represent the U.S. in both disciplines at the Olympics.

Jordan is the first Ready, Set Gold! athlete to also earn a spot on the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team. He earned his spot following a top-10 finish at the 2019 FINA World Championships.

“Getting good takes time,” Jordan told the students.

He talked to them about he he used to swim once a day up until he was 16 years old. Today, he swims more than 10 times a week, accounting for 80,000 meters. He's also very strict with his body, making sure eats well, sleeps well, and gets an adequate amount of recovery from his workout schedule.

"I get motivation from the people around me," he said. "Making Team USA, the World Championship Team or any other team - it inspires me to learn more from those unique people around me.”

He ended his visit by telling the students that he is really excited to be helping them work toward their goals. He wants to help them reach their goals and be successful.