Kristy Kowal Talks About Perseverance

Ready, Set, Gold! mentors are Olympians and Paralympians who work with students who have many different career aspirations. Some students may want to be athletes but others want to be scientists, teachers, veterinarians, or pursue another career path.

All those goals require hard work.  The most accomplished and successful people you know are no doubt the ones who also failed many times. They are also the ones who came back stronger and better.

It takes hard work to not allow those initial soul crushing emotions to stop you from reaching your goals. 

Ready, Set, Gold! Olympian Kristy Kowal shared her personal stories with the program's first ever Newport Beach school - Eastbluff Elementary School. 

Coach Kristy knows that failing can actually help you in the long run as it is a part of the learning processes. 

Failure is tough to deal with but it is important to stay in the present instead of dwelling on what you could of changed. Coach Kristy suggests to try focusing on what you are going to do next and looking ahead to the future!