Never Say Never

“What really encouraged me when I was young was myself,” Prince Mumba told the students at Foshay Learning Center.

Prince’s journey to the Olympics wasn’t an easy one as he didn’t have a strong support network growing up.

“I had no one to push me along the way. No one to cheer me on. No one I could look up to. I continued to believe in myself and you can never stop believing in you!”

Prince told the students that his dream wasn’t to go to the Olympics but instead his dream was to graduate college and receive an education.

“Dreams do come true,” he told the class.

Growing up in Zambia, people close to Prince told him that he would never leave the country, but he did. When they told him that he would never go to college, Prince went and got a collegiate scholarship. When they said told him he would never go to the Olympics, Prince once again proved them wrong.

He made a point to tell the students that the people who are negative in your life are often the ones living in pain. They find the need to take others down to feel better about themselves, but it’s important to focus on the positive and not let others tear you down.

“Overcome evil with good,” Prince said.