Athlete Spotlight - Cody Jones

Cody Jones is one of the newest athletes taking part in Ready, Set, Gold! for the 2019/2020 school year.

Cody competed in Track & Field at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

His introduction to the Paralympics was a bit more unconventional than most as he was introduced to the Paralympic movement when Cathy Sellers, the Director of U.S. Paralympic Track and Field, e-mailed his high school baseball coach.

She read an article about how Cody played baseball with cerebral palsy and thought that he would make an excellent javelin thrower. Due to cerebral palsy on the left side of his body, Cody had learned to catch and throw the baseball with his right hand. In the next few months, Cody graduated high school, made California Lutheran University’s Track and Field team, and fell in love with the javelin.

When he first started training he knew nothing abut the sport at all, but with the help of his coaches and teammates, Cody eventually broke and re-broke the America’s record for his F38 classification.

Cody has always believed in going after his dreams and goals and he loves helping others lean how to believe in themselves too. Ready, Set Gold! is motivated by Cody's mentality to never have an excuse and always do his best!