Shevon Stoddart and "I do Tough"

Olympian Shevon Stoddart made her first visit of the school year to work with students at Toland Way Elementary. 

Shevon told the students about how she started her athletic journey when she was in 5th grade, just like the students she will be mentoring over the next few months. 

She learned about the Olympics when she was a young student and a light bulb went off in her head.

“If somebody is going to go to the Olympics why can't it be me?”

Shevon said that she was not a great athlete when she first started running. But, when something is tough, Shevon says, “I do tough ... give me your best shot”.   

She told the students to think about the following, “Who you become today will determine what you are capable of creating tomorrow."

During the last few minutes of the session the students asked Shevon for some tips on running form as they wanted to be sure to practice their form before Shevon's next visit.