Ready, Set, Gold! Fall Series


Ready, Set, Gold! Launches Enhanced Eight-Week Virtual Classroom Series


The 30-minuteVirtualReady,Set,Gold!lessons give students the opportunity to exercise with a talented Olympian or Paralympian at home. The virtual curriculum focuses on results-based physical activity conducted without equipment, and SEL topics for teachers to leverage. The fitness portion of the lessons range from endurance and flexibility to balance and strength training, and is developed by Dr. Karen Bloch

who led the Sports Medicine and Performance Department for Team USA Water Polo. The thematic units include lessons on goal-setting, perseverance, and leadership –all brought to life by the real personal experiences of RSG!’s Olympic and Paralympic mentors.


“The virtual series provides a safe way for students to benefit at home from Ready, Set, Gold!,” said Michaela Reynolds, Program Director for Ready, Set, Gold!.  David Ulich, GSD Executive Board Member agreed, stating, “I believe this program may be a lifeline for some young people. The guidance and encouragement offered by the Olympians and Paralympians will surely inspire students during these challenging times.” The Foundation for Global Sports Development and Sidewinder Films serve as long-time supporters of Ready, Set, Gold! and are a key sponsor for this innovative project.

Don't wait, start now and workout with Olympians and Paralympians!