RSG! Spring Series Videos

Week 7

Challenges: SEL: Routines ensure total preparation for your efforts. A solid routine enables athletes to be physically, technically, tactically, and mentally ready to perform their best. Olympian, John Naber and Olympian, John Moffet challenge you to add one healthy habit into your routine.  Here's one: go to bed earlier and wake up earlier so you can make a healthy breakfast.

Nutrition: Moffet and Naber share three different recipes with you! Try and make them all this week. They both are joining you for this challenge: don't eat processed foods for at least three days this week.

Week 8

Challenges: SEL: Hey Ready, Set, Gold! Students its Olympian, Kami Craig, I want to encourage you to write down on a piece of paper 4 statements that you know are true about you.  Keep them with you and as emotions arise, know that you can always access what you know to be true about yourself! 

Fitness Challenge: During this workout, you will get tired, but I want you to know that you are strong and capable of making it through. I share a flexibility workout that I used as I trained for the Olympic Games and I want to challenge you to incorporate my flexibility workout into your schedule this week. Additionally, workout with one of my fellow Olympians or Paralympians and complete all four core components of fitness: Flexibility, Strength, Endurance and Balance. 

Olympian: Kami Craig

Topic: Flexibility, Emotions

Olympians: John Naber & John Moffet

Topic: Cooking, Routines

Week 6

Challenges: SEL: Successful athletes often have a PASSION and PURPOSE for what they do. They are focused and determined to get better every day, and have specific goals they actively pursue. Khatuna offers her advice to focus on your goals and instill passion and purpose while overcoming life obstacles.

Fitness Challenge: Khatuna wants you to complete this STRENGTH workout once this week as well as incorporate a balanced, endurance filled, and flexible workout.  YOU. CAN. DO IT!

Olympian: Khatuna Lorig

Topic: Passion, Purpose

Week 5

Challenges: SEL: Like Melissa and Hunter, we are all faced with challenges.  First things first, do not compare yourself to challenges others are facing, you are unique and so are the obstacles that come your way.  By now you have been working on your goal and there are a lot of new lessons learned when striving to reach it. This week Melissa and Hunter challenge you to: 

1. Praise effort and adherence, not performance 

2. Focus on the process by learning from the challenges and knowing that challenge equals change.   

Fitness Challenge: As you are now halfway through the Spring Series we know you can push yourself to do three RSG! Workouts this week. Throughout the week, your challenge is to complete the Endurance workout with Hunter and Melissa then pick two more workouts from the Spring Series to complete! 

Olympian: Hunter Kemper

Paralympian: Melissa Stockwell

Topic: Endurance, Embracing Challenges

Week 4

Challenges: SEL: Gratitude helps ground athletes in the present moment by reminding them of the positives that are happening right now. This week Megan Blunk challenges you to wake up and write down one thing you are grateful for. Extra challenge - don’t repeat the same thing you are grateful for more than once!

Fitness Challenge: Strength training will not only benefit you when competing in sports but also improve your ability to do everyday activites. Megan shares one of her go-to workouts when she wants to focus on building strength. After completing this workout, write a note to yourself to check-in and see how you feel the next day. Are you sore? If you are, make sure you are taking a day to rest and recover! 

Paralympian Megan Plunk

Topic: Strength, Gratitude 

Week 3

Challenges: SEL: Olympic Cyclist, Giddeon Massie understood the importance of feedback early on in his career since cycling is an individual sport.  Feedback is important for one to develop their skills and improve.  It provides direction, goals and helps one to adjust their performance and skill execution as they progress.  Giddeon challenges you to identify what skills you need in order to achieve your goal.  Share what you are actively doing to reach your goal with a teacher, parent or coach and ask them for feedback! 

Fitness Challenge: Working up a sweat is so important, which is why we are entering another week of endurance with Olympic Cyclist, Giddeon Massie.  Giddeon is used to long stretches of being in a constant state of endurance.  After completing this workout you should feel as is if you just gave it your all to capture the GOLD for Team USA!  Giddeon challenges you to complete this workout twice this week.

Olympian Giddeon Massie

Topic: Feedback, Endurance

Week 2

Challenges: SEL: Going to the Olympics was Molly's goal, it wasn’t a goal that her friends or her parents had, it was her own. Identify what your goal is and start setting the short-term goals that will take you there! 

Fitness: This week your Olympic mentor, Molly Schaus, brings the heat throughout her 20 minute endurance workout.  She challenges you to complete this workout twice a week, but make sure you schedule a day in between to recover!

Olympian: Molly Schaus

Topic: Endurance, Goal Setting

Week 1

Social and Emotional Challenge: Paralympian, Cody Jones challenges you to have hope. Write down a goal of yours and every day you wake up I want you to say “what if I (insert your dream).”  Then I want you to think about how you can make that a hope into a reality.

Fitness Challenge: Balance plays an important role in your life, from walking down the stairs to throwing the javelin balance will keep you from falling down and it will help you get back up!  I challenge you to incorporate this balance routine twice this week.  Having a foundation in balance will also support you during the next 8 weeks of the RSG! Spring Series as we all get stronger together

Paralympian Cody Michael Jones

Topic: Balance, Hope

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