Ready, Set, Gold is awesome. This program helped me get up & be active. It helped me realize how important physical education really is. It was awesome meeting famous olympian David Brinton! This program taught me how to do a proper push up & how to pace myself on the track. Overall, this program really helped and I loved it!

I learned that if I put my heart in it I can do anything.

Wow, have you tried the Ready, Set, Gold program? It helps you stay healthy and fit. Before the program, I could not even do a single push up and now I can do 3. I say that the best was meeting David Brinton a champion of cycling. Another thing is the running. Before I was a running turtle, and now I’m a running cheetah.


As always – a GREAT SESSION!  David Brinton is an amazing athlete, coach, and inspirational speaker that relates extremely well with all students.


Pat Falzone

Calabash Charter Academy

Thanks for such a wonderful morning.  The kids cannot stop talking about Mr. Mark [Crear]!!!  As short and sweet as the assembly was, I think the impact was great.

Jackie Metroka

KIPP LA Prep Middle School

Thank you for attending our Junior Olympics today.  You added a touch of class to our program.  We are lucky to have you and the RSG program at Ranchito.

Alan O'Hara

Ranchito EL (Principal)


145 Bay Street, Unit 10

Santa Monica, CA 90405



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