Have you ever wanted to learn how an Olympian/Paralympian thinks?  Have you ever wanted to work out with an Olympian/Paralympian?   

Now is your time to get to know Olympians and Paralympians who live in your community!  In the videos below RSG! Olympic and Paralympic Mentors share untold stories and invite you to experience how they train and stay healthy, mentally and physically. 

Ready, Set, Gold! is thrilled introduce you Olympic and Paralympic mentors!

Strength and Goal Setting with

Paralympic Swimmer,

Rudy Garcia-Tolson 


Strength training will not only benefit you when competing in sports but also improve your ability to do everyday activities.  Rudy shares one of his go-to workouts when he wants to focus on building strength.

Strength and Self-Awareness with Paralympic, Cyclist Samantha Bosco 


Cycling is an endurance heavy sport but Samantha knows that in order to be the best she has to work on other skills like balance, flexibility and strength training so she is taking you through her go to strength training workout that gets her ready to compete!  

Flexibility and Attitude with

Olympic Artistic Swimmer,

Anita Alvarez

As an artistic swimmer Anita prioritizes working on her flexibility.  Even if it is only ten minutes a day she finds time in her busy schedule.  Anita shares her go to routine to help prepare for the 2021 Olympic Games and wants you to join her! 

Endurance and Gratitude with

Olympic Indoor Volley Ball Player,

Kim Glass


Kim brings the heat throughout her 20 minute endurance workout.  She challenges you to complete this workout twice a week, but make sure you schedule a day in between to recover!

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