RSG! Virtual Series 2022-2023

Paralympian Blake Leeper

Topic: Strength & Growth Mindet

Olympian April Ross

Topic: Strength & Growth Mindet

December 2022

Note for teachers:

“This month we are focusing on self-management to help improve students ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations."

- Olympic Track & Field Athlete, Prince Mumba

Olympian Prince Mumba

Topic: Flexibility & Self-Management

November 2022

Note for teachers:

“This month we are focusing on self-efficacy to help students understand the power of their beliefs to influence their choices and accomplishments.  Teachers, it is important to encourage students to claim their dreams and persist in their accomplishment.”
Olympic Baseball Player, Jonathan Jones

Olympian Jonathan Jones

Topic: Strength and Self-efficacy

October 2022

Note for teachers:

“You have such a big impact in your students' lives and your belief in them can make all the difference in their future.”
Olympic Tennis Player, Giuliana Olmos

Olympian Giuliana Olmos

Topic: Endurance & Growth Mindset

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