Virtual, Ready, Set, Gold! is an online resource for teachers and students. This virtual programming provides a distance-learning version of Physical Education that gives students the opportunity to learn from a different Ready, Set, Gold! Olympian or Paralympian. The videos contain both physical and mental health related exercises and lessons to support students during this unprecedented time.

Olympians and Paralympians Making a Difference in the Lives of Southern California Students

Ready, Set, Gold! is a non-profit community health and fitness program that promotes healthy and active lifestyles to children in Southern California schools. 

The program matches Olympic and Paralympic athletes with schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District to promote fitness and nutrition. Students are educated on the importance of exercise and are motivated to adopt healthy habits into their daily lifestyle. The athletes also emphasize the importance of goal-setting and self-discipline, and encourage students to achieve their dreams.

“Ready, Set, Gold is awesome. This program helped me get up & be active. It helped me realize how important physical education really is. It was awesome meeting famous olympian David Brinton! This program taught me how to do a proper push up & how to pace myself on the track. Overall, this program really helped and I loved it!”

- Student Testimonial


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