Ready, Set, Gold! pairs Olympians and Paralympians

with Southern California schools to help students prepare for the FitnessGram, a California state fitness test administered to students in the fifth, seventh, and ninth grades with the goal of encouraging regular physical activity, resulting in healthy lifelong habits.

About Ready, Set, Gold!

Ready, Set, Gold! is a community health, fitness and social and emotional learning (SEL) program that promotes healthy and active lifestyles to children in Southern California schools. RSG! is a public-private partnership between the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG), The Foundation for Global Sports Development, and several public-school districts.  RSG! believes that every student should have equal access to resources that support physical health and academic achievement.

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Ready, Set, Gold! Programs

Every year, RSG!’s roster of Olympians and Paralympians are matched with participating schools, connecting teachers and students to inspiring athlete mentors.Olympians and Paralympians collaborate with teachers at their placement school to schedule and co-teach five lessons. Each lesson includes a fitness element that is measured on the California FitnessGram, a required annual assessment, and a growth mindset component to support students in setting and achieving academic and fitness goals. RSG! predominately works with students in grades five through nine.

“Ready, Set, Gold is awesome. This program helped me get up & be active. It helped me realize how important physical education really is. It was awesome meeting famous Olympian David Brinton!"

- Student Testimonial

RSG! Partners


Olympians are ordinary people who never gave up, they found a way to achieve extraordinary results in the area of life that mattered most to them. The lessons they learned along the way: goal setting, hard work, teamwork and visualization, will help anyone succeed in life.


Paralympians are ordinary people who never gave up. They found a way to achieve extraordinary results in the area of life that mattered most to them.


Ready, Set, Gold! would like to give a special thank you to the following organizations whose support has helped make our program successful.

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Great Public Schools Now and RSG! Summer Collaboration

The summer collaboration between Ready, Set, Gold and Great Public Schools Now, which connects LA's sports teams with Los Angeles Unified elementary/middle schools and the City Recreation & Parks department to provide students with engaging sports programming and experiences, has recently come to an end.

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The third annual Toyota Legacy Triathlon | USA Triathlon Foundation x RSG!

The youth event hosted by USA Triathlon Foundation and Ready, Set, Gold! On Friday, July 15, at the Zwift Corporate Headquarters inLong Beach hosted children ages 13-16 giving them the opportunity to get anup-close look at the intersection of technology, gaming and sport.

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RSG! receives USOPC’s 2022 Rings of Gold Award

In July 2022, Ready, Set, Gold! and individual members received the Rings of Gold Award from the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee for their dedication to positively impacting the youth in communities across the nation.

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