Oct 2022

A Record Year of Impact for the Ready, Set, Gold! In-Person Program

The RSG! in-person program will be in more schools this year than ever before, expanding into 8 new schools this school year.
Michaela Reynolds
3 min

We are bringing our mission of pairing Olympians and Paralympians to inspire youth through sport by promoting the Olympic ideals of hard work, healthy living, and a growth mindset to life like never before. 

Our team at Ready, Set, Gold! is excited to announce this will be a record-setting year of impact in 2022.  The RSG! in-person program will be in more schools this year than ever before, expanding into 8 new schools this school year. 

Starting this month in October, we will begin our first round of school visits, which will be carried out a monthly basis until March 2023. At the core of Ready, Set, Gold! is the importance of creating deep, meaningful connections with the local heroes of the community, our Olympic and Paralympic athlete mentors, and the students. We do this by ensuring the same Olympic and Paralympic athlete mentor visits the same school each month. This allows each student the opportunity to build a strong relationship with their athlete mentor, learning new skills, mindsets, and habits each month. 

Among the core values of RSG! is providing a curriculum that enhances students’ health, fitness, and SEL. Each in-person program unit is designed to provide tangible takeaways for each student; descriptions and examples of a few lessons of this year's program include: 

Growth Mindset: Having a growth mindset is a life skill that can be best developed through sport. Olympic and Paralympic mentors will share their perspectives on having a Growth Mindset with the students and how it played a role in their lives.

Strength: For example, on strength day Olympic Cyclist Giddeon Massie shares the importance of his proper posture which comes from core strength in addition to the strength that he works on in his legs to make sure that every pedal on his bike is strong enough to propel him forward.

Social Awareness: Research suggests that students with strong social awareness adapt more easily to their environment, empathize with the perspectives of others, and engage in fewer disruptive classroom behaviors. This, in turn, creates a setting where students can focus on learning.

Flexibility: For example, Artistic Swimmer Anita Alverez’s sport is comprised of all different elements of physical fitness but what sets her apart from the rest is her dedication to keeping her body injury free. She does this by implementing 10-20 minutes each night before bed to working on her flexibility.

We can’t wait to bring these programs to schools and students within our community, creating life-long memories and impact. 

Interested in bringing the RSG! in-person program to your school? 

Learn more: https://www.readysetgold.net/in-person

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