Mar 2022

Catch up! Girls Empowerment Day

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, we got active and got inspired! International Women’s Day is held annually on March 8th....
Michaela Reynolds
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In commemoration of International Women’s Day, we got active and got inspired! International Women’s Day is held annually on March 8th. This day is a global recognition of the contributions and resilience of women in entrepreneurship, politics, sports, and much more. Ready, Set, Gold! partnered with YMCA LA to produce physical activities and panels focusing on cultivating a growth mindset around self-efficacy, self-awareness, and social awareness for 1,200 middle school female and non-binary students.

The beautiful Banc of California venue, with its wide and open spaces, made it the perfect place to host an event with 1,200 youth and 200 educators, athletes, staff, and volunteers. When the pandemic hit, the sports community didn’t know how or when it would be safe for big events. However, we never lost sight of the mission and searched for opportunities to pivot and partner to continue to bring quality fitness and SEL lessons to students. One middle school teacher attending the event remarked, “This is the first opportunity for our students to get off campus since being back in school. It is an incredible feat to bring together all these girls; they needed this, and RSG! and YMCA delivered.”

With our partners and sponsors, we were able to make this event unforgettable. We activated two fitness workshops and one mindfulness workshop led by game changers in sports. The first station was Basketball, led by LA Sparks player Jasmine Walker (with the assistance of Olympians Kim Glass and Tasha Danvers). The basketball workshop consisted of drills to improve defense and hand-eye coordination. The second was Ball Hockey, led by Olympic hockey player Molly Schaus, who went over ice and land drills. The LA Kings brought out an ice skating rink and hockey sticks for the students to have an enhanced experience. Youth learned the drills for land and ice hockey while being supported by Olympian Roslyn Clark and Paralympians Natália Mayara, Breanna Clark, and Samantha Bosco. The last workshop reminded everyone to pause, breathe, and allow a moment of mindfulness thanks to Cedars-Sinai, who led meditations. The day ended with an interactive panel on cultivating a growth mindset, self-efficacy, self-management, and social awareness.

We were energized by the passion and excitement that foreshadowed the long-lasting impact this day will have. “The middle school years are pivotal in the development of a student’s identity. As our girls interact with female Olympic gold medalists and professional athletes, they will hear stories of resilience, growth mindset, and grit. Those stories will not only inspire but may influence them to stay physically active and healthy throughout their lives,” remarked Dr. Lourdes Ramirez-Ortiz, Los Angeles Unified Local District East Administrator of Instruction.

The youth left that day with hope and electricity in their eyes. Charlotte, an 8th grader, stated, “I’ve never met an Olympian before. It was so cool to meet Breanna Clark (Paralympian); she lives and trains in my community. My athlete mentors today helped me understand my goals are only as big as I dream them to be, and that I am not alone. They believe in me.”

Another 8th grader attending the event shared, “I think to myself, I can do this. If they can do it, I can do it.”

The Girls Empowerment Day reminded us of the collective impact our community has to deliver impact and influence generations. It was the collective passion of Ready, Set, Gold!, YMCA LA, Angel City FC, and LA Unified Local District East to empower girls to dream big and accomplish even bigger things.

Thanks to the Rose Bowl Institute, Coca-Cola, Nike, Cedars-Sinai, Zapanta Alder Law, Mia Becar, and The Foundation for Global Sports Development and Sidewinder Films for making this event a reality.

We look forward to witnessing the young students inspire to aspire! 💪🏆

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