Fun in the sun at the Triathlon Youth Clinic

Fun in the sun at the Triathlon Youth Clinic
Michaela Reynolds

The past year has been tough for everyone, and Ready, Set, Gold! was no stranger to that. To weather the impact of the pandemic on in-person events, we held virtual classes and clinics (like our Spring Series) to make sure students still got to experience what it’s like to train like an Olympic and Paralympic athlete while getting to know some of our amazing athletes. But then things changed and got better!

So, on a beautiful and sunny California day, Ready, Set, Gold! hosted an in-person triathlon youth clinic featuring 40 participants. Everyone got to experience what it’s like to be an Olympian and Paralympian by running and also taking part in rowing games! (Check out the following pictures for some highlights.)

Beyond being fun and immersive, the youth clinic was our chance to get back into hosting in-person events. It paid off in more than one way because our participants were able to socialize and celebrate themselves and experience what it’s like to get back out there and have some fun.

The impact the youth clinic had on participants was electrifying and inspiring. One participant told us, “I'm a Ready, Set, Gold! kid and today the Olympians made me feel empowered. Today, I learned how to row and I felt empowered because I was able to push past my limits and try something I never did before and succeeded in it! Thank you!" How cool is that? Feeling empowered and succeeding at something new is such a good feeling and motivates anyone to do their best!

Haylli also had fun and had this to share with us: "Hi! My name is Haylli and I'm a Ready, Set, Gold! student. My favorite part about it was running - I actually won sharks and minnows!" Good for you, Haylli! We love knowing that our Ready, Set, Gold! students loved participating in the youth clinic. It’s amazing seeing kids having a fun time while learning new skills and how to be a top-notch athlete!

Thanks in part to the USA Triathlon Foundation, the triathlon youth clinic was an absolute (and very energetic) success. At the end of the clinic, everyone was in for an exciting treat as Olympic medalist John Naber crowned each and every participant Ready, Set, Gold! Olympians and Paralympians and presented them with real (and “heavy”) gold medals!

Here at Ready, Set, Gold!, we pride ourselves on the work we’ve done to build healthy communities and bring them all together. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Congratulations to our future Olympic and Paralympic champions!

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