Aug 2021

Making space for passion: RSG! returns to in-person learning

Making space for passion: RSG! returns to in-person learning
Michaela Reynolds

You can find communities everywhere. Communities are made up of values and a commitment to support each other. One of the most important parts of any community are its schools and the students who attend them. Schools not only provide a solid education but help their students grow as people, too.

Title I schools serve under-resourced communities, and these schools are not funded as much as other schools; they may suffer when it comes to things like academics and graduation rates. ZIP codes should not determine the quality of life of the people who live in them, but, fortunately, that’s where sports and organizations like Ready, Set, Gold!  can help out. It’s important for kids at Title I schools to have equal access to sports because sports have been proven to help kids not only with academic performance but with overall success in school and in life, too!

That said, Ready, Set, Gold! recently finished another cycle of our awesome program, which ended last month on July 31. Twenty-seven schools and 675 students were involved this time around. It was a huge success and lots of fun (like always)!

We are very proud to have talented Olympic and Paralympic athletes as part of the program. Many kids admire but never get to meet their favorite athlete. Well, thanks to Ready, Set, Gold! kids had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually see athletes face-to-face and connect with and be mentored by them!

Five Ready, Set, Gold! Olympic and Paralympic athletes participated and led the amazing workouts. How cool is that? The kids got to work out with champion athletes! The athletes also taught important life lessons like setting goals and social and emotional learning, which got the kids ready to set and reach their Olympic-sized goals!

The kids had so much fun throughout the program that, when it ended, a student from YES Academy in Los Angeles asked Olympian Tasha Danvers, “When are you coming back?” They really want to see the athletes again! This showcases the importance of mentorship and building connections with the kids. It also motivates and inspires them to be their best selves.

Another athlete who participated in the Ready, Set, Gold! program, Paralympian Cody Jones told us, “Being able to safely see the students in person again was a true joy. Every school I visit, I start out as a stranger. However, after I get to interact with the students, be present with them and share about Ready, Set, Gold! I leave as a part of their team. That’s the best part.”

Olympian Rosalyn Clark and her daughter, Paralympian Breanna Clark, were really excited about seeing the Ready, Set, Gold! kids again! Here’s what they had to say: “We were super hyped about being back with the youngsters. We so missed our contact with them.”

Knowing that the athletes were just as excited to see the kids is so heartwarming and shows how inspiring and amazing it is to participate in the Ready, Set, Gold! program!

And here’s the best quote we received that sums up our program: “Thank you so much...most fun I ever had in my life!”

This is yet another reason why Ready, Set, Gold! rocks! We are committed to helping to build healthy communities that will thrive no matter where the community is located and regardless of ZIP code.

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