Nov 2019

school spotlight - Foshay Learning Center

The November School Spotlight focuses on Foshay Learning Center, one of the amazing schools that is a part of the RSG program.
Michaela Reynolds
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We have all had those teachers. The ones who took complicated questions and reconfigured them to make sense, or the ones who instilled confidence to achieve more or the ones who stood by your side during the particularly difficult moments.

Each day at Ready, Set, Gold!, we appreciate our teachers for the work that they put in to make sure their students have every opportunity to succeed. That is also why teachers choose to have Ready, Set, Gold! as a part of their curriculum as the RSG program supports their students to be champions in life.

The November School Spotlight focuses on Foshay Learning Center, one of the amazing schools that is a part of the RSG program.

During two-time Olympian, Prince Mumba’s first visit, the entire school came out to the playground where the school's 5th graders put on an “Opening Ceremony” for grades K-4th. The students touched on everything from the history of Olympic rings to how many sports there are in todays games. They also taught the rest of the school that 15 days after the Olympics another huge sporting event takes over the stadiums, the Paralympics.

The teachers at Foshay Learning Center see the measurable difference in their students when a Ready, Set, Gold! Olympian/Paralympian is a role model in their lives.

Q&A with Jasmine Tigolo, 5th Grade Teacher at Foshay Learning Center

How has Prince Mumba helped you as a teacher?​

Prince has really helped me train and motivate the students. He comes with training gear that we do not have on site. It has encouraged me to get items that my student can train and work out with. I have looked up different ways to make our own "PE equipment."  Prince not only encourages the students to do well, he encourages me to help train my students a better training program. Do you see improvement in the students resilience in the face of obstacles after Ready, Set, Gold! visits?

​Students are extremely motivated after visits with our Olympian. Prince Mumba offers the students advice on how to work out. If they are not doing something correctly, he offers them suggestions to improve. The students know what they are tested in for the FitnessGram. They often cringe or complain about doing certain tests. They're quick to say they cannot do something. After working with our Olympian, they try their best to get better. In that getting better, even if they don't pass a test, they are more encouraged to try!​I love the support that Ready, Set, Gold! provides the schools. I wish there were more visits or some other resource we can provide the students. My students really enjoyed learning about the different parts of the Olympics - Ancient Olympics, the opening and closing ceremony, and the history of the flame, medals and other components that make up the overall Olympic Games. They are excited that when they are Freshmen in college, the Olympics will be here in Los Angeles.

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