Jul 2021

Spring Series 2021: Highlights and Certificate of Excellence

Teachers and students share what Ready, Set, Gold! means to them. This video of our RSG! students championing their way to success and...
Michaela Reynolds

Teachers and students share what Ready, Set, Gold! means to them.
This video of our RSG! students championing their way to success and self-worth will brighten your day.

The 2021 RSG! Spring Series was more than just a fun exercise program for students (and some teachers, too) led by some amazing Olympians and Paralympians. It was a chance to learn about how to stay resilient in tough situations, how to become more active, healthier and how to participate more effectively in the classroom.

Read on to learn more about the great successes the RSG! Spring Series experienced, and get inspired!


Sometimes students face many challenges and obstacles, not just at school but also at home and within their communities. One of the hallmarks of the RSG! Spring Series is teaching students how to be resilient. Resilience is an important character trait to have because it is often what gets us past obstacles. We at RSG! are proud to report that 86% of teachers that were surveyed believed the RSG! Spring Series was effective in improving their students’ resilience in the face of obstacles.

Teacher Support

Teachers play a very integral role in the RSG! Spring Series. Besides helping to facilitate the lessons being taught by the Olympians and Paralympians, teachers are there to support their students (and many times they even join in on the fun!). Over 93% of teachers felt the RSG! Spring series was effective at supporting teachers throughout the program.

Classroom Participation

Classroom participation during virtual learning can be challenging sometimes because some students have difficulty paying attention to the teacher but other students flourish. The RSG! Spring Series changed that for most students, with a whopping 86% of teachers reporting higher participation in the virtual classroom! We believe that leveling classroom participation guarantees success not just for the students themselves but for the teachers, too!

Staying Active

Staying active can be difficult for students these days. The quarantine period caused by the pandemic really didn’t help, so students lost out on a lot of outside activities that they could have participated in at school or even in their communities. RSG! Spring Series helped change that! 92% of teachers told us the RSG! Spring Series was very effective at inspiring students to stay active. Hey, when you get to work out with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, athletes who are at the top of the game, you get and stay inspired because you have the best of the best athletes helping you out along the way!

Recommend Us!

The RSG! Virtual Series and the 2021 RSG! Spring series have made a huge impact on many things, including thousands of students, their teachers, and on social media platforms. We hope to expand the RSG! program to many more school districts and their schools, which will reach even more students and teachers. Our teachers are amazed at how the RSG! Spring Series has benefitted students, with 100% of the teachers feeling comfortable recommending RSG! to others. This is awesome because it goes to show how beneficial a program like the RSG! Spring Series can help students achieve their fitness goals and become even better students.

So there you have it! Another hugely successfu successful Spring Series!

Certificate of Excellence

Congratulations again to the students who completed the 2021 RSG! Spring Series program! Below is a certificate you can download and print so you can always celebrate your Spring Series win at home!

Ready for more?  Want to sign up for the 2021 Fall Series? Click here to find out more information and to sign up!

Have a great summer, and see you in the Fall for the 2021 Fall Series!

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