Jul 2021

Spring Series 2021: Impact

Spring Series 2021: Impact
Michaela Reynolds

We are still brimming with smiles over the RSG! 2021 Spring Series. The RSG! virtual program served 17,000+ students in 40 school districts! The curriculum included 30-minute thematic units, 10 dynamic Olympians and Paralympians, and one delicious nutrition unit. Read more about the series' impact and how to sign up for the 2021 RSG! Fall Series.

The RSG! 2021 Spring Series featured amazing virtual programming that made fitness fun for students (and their teachers as well). With the help of our Olympians and Paralympians, students utilized tactics to increase endurance and flexibility as well as balance and strength training via seven 30-minute thematic units.

In addition to implementing fitness practices, students focused on social-emotional learning, which consisted of lifelong lessons on goal-setting, perseverance, and leadership. These lessons are among many that will help students be more successful in school and as individuals long-term.

Students got activated by Olympic/Paralympic athletes to cook healthy meals and grow their knowledge in nutrition. RSG! Is dedicated to sharing fundamental tools so students can own their agency to develop life-long healthy habits. Nutrition and cooking healthy meals are just as important to being strong and healthy as fitness is!

The impact of RSG!’s 2021 Spring Series was absolutely mind-blowing. 100% of teachers tell us that they would recommend the RSG! virtual series, while 92% of teachers tell us that their students were inspired to stay active.

Often, students’ classroom motivation takes a dip for many reasons. However, after their students’ participation in the virtual RSG! Spring Series, 86% of teachers reported higher participation in the virtual classroom. According to 86% of teachers, students learned about growth mindset via the RSG! Spring Series, which is an awesome complement to any educational program.

We believe serving our students, their schools and communities is integral to the RSG! Program. The RSG! Spring Series’ virtual program served a whopping 17,000+ students in over 90 schools spread out among 40 school districts!

After seeing the impact of the 2021 RSG! Spring Series, wouldn’t you like to participate in our 2021 RSG! Fall Series? Well, you can by signing up via the link below!

2021 RSG! Fall Series Sign Up

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