Oct 2019

The Clarks and High Hopes at Trinity Elementary

Rosalyn and Breanna Clark's first Ready, Set, Gold! visit was with the entire student body at Trinity Elementary School. The...
Michaela Reynolds
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Rosalyn and Breanna Clark's first Ready, Set, Gold! visit was with the entire student body at Trinity Elementary School.

The mother/daughter duo started off their visit with a song and dance to "High Hopes," which set the tone for the entire visit. This song in particular means so much to the Clarks, who told the crowd of more than 200 students that all you have to have in life is hope. Students need to believe in themselves and others and be each other's cheerleaders. They told students to look around and think about how any of them could be the next Olympic or Paralympic medalist, the next person to cure a disease, or the next teacher to change students' lives.

Rosalyn Clark shared her story of how she got into running with the school.

"I started running when I was ten years old, Rosalyn Clark said. "Whenever I would run, I would beat all the boys. I always struggled with school but running was something that I was good at. Something where I could shine. But most of all, I was truly just having fun.”

She told the students the she has high hopes for all of them. She wants them to follow their passions and reach beyond the stars to achieve their hopes and dreams.

The Clarks also touched on the Paralympics and Breanna's autism. They talked to the students about how people are all born different - some might be born without limbs or have a disorder that affects the brain, but it's important to not let these differences stop them from achieving your goals.

They told the students that every single person you see competing in the Paralympics ultimately said “Yes, I can.” They chose to not let any type of disability stop them.

The Clarks believe everyone has a special gift in their life and, for them, their experience with autism has been a tremendous gift. It's just a matter of finding what that gift is.

While growing up, Breanna tried everything from basketball to soccer, but team sports were not working for her. Rosalyn thought through the list of sports that her daughter could participate in that required very minimal direction and that's how she found track and field and it was a great fit.

Breanna is a huge believer in practice because no one is going to become an elite athlete overnight. She says it takes dedication and commitment to be the best that you can be.

Each Olympian and Paralympian has their own unique story on how they got to the Olympics/Paralympics and the Clarks want to encourage the students of Trinity Elementary to write their own stories and have their own "high hopes."

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